Short story about how I brought our current faculty website closer to year 2013.
Process of the Redesign (not only) for designers

Redesign process

7 Months Process - I've spent most of my time observing target audience and designing new experience. The core challenge was to rethink the navigation. Many hours with students, teachers, study applicants and general public resulted into a brand new information architecture and page structure.

Demo template

After few months of analysing, testing and improving the current website, I'm really excited to present you the final concept.
Explore the homepage, play with navigations (both global and local) and look closely on other 3 subpages: Don't forget: It's only for showcase now. There might be some bugs and not every link is active. For the best experience open in Chrome.


  • First impression
  • New strong navigation
  • Improved typography
  • Responsive grid (1170, 1024, 768)
  • Important content first
  • No carousel for important links
  • Clear call for action, etc.

what else to try?

Opened article

  • breadcrumb & local navigation
  • context & supplemental nav
  • article functions

Teacher / employee

  • brand new profile
  • personal menu
  • important information first

Study Department

  • improved timetable
  • quick time info on Homepage
  • usage of the icons

Share your opinion

This is an ongoing experiment, concept and work of my school thesis. A quick preview of the possibilities we have. The design has potential to be fully responsive and work across all our faculties. More features are on their way to make the site more useful for the people who need it. Please, tell me what you think. Your feedback is highly appreciated.